For the internet presentation offered by Clubland Records including the forums, the chat and the guestbook the following terms of use apply:

The Die Clubland Records GmbH (in the following Clubland-Online-Team) makes information and data as well as by means of hyperlinks (linkages of InterNet) information of other Websites available. These informations and data serve alone information purposes, without the user to appoint itself or can leave on the topicality, correctness or completeness of the given information. The Clubland-Online-Team does not take over warranty or adhesion, in particular for direct or indirect damage, which results from the use of the information or data, which is to be found on the Websites of the Clubland-Online-Teams. The Clubland-Online-Team takes over in particular no responsibility for contents or the operability, accuracy or legal standard of web pages third, to which by means of links Websites of the Clubland-Online-Teams one refer.

1. The Clubland Records Community is made available from the Clubland-Online-Team free of charge and not-binding without any legal obligations offered for the maintenance of the enterprise. The Clubland-Online-Team is entitled to exclude at any time individual participants from the Community and/or to adjust the Community without advanced notice.

2. The Clubland Records Community is an offer in the context of the internet offer of Clubland Records. In the Clubland Records Community users can exchange , who participate in the respective range, among themselves data, communicate in particular text. The Clubland Records Forum is made available to the participants without control by the Clubland-Online-Team. The Clubland-Online-Team however reserves itself the right to remove illegal or unwanted contents from the forum as well as from the guestbook after knowledge acquisition by the Clubland-Online-Team at any time and without consultation with the participant, who made these contents available.

3. You are committed not to hurt the interests of other participants consideration as well as rights third. So your contributions may not do offend in the Clubland Records Community against legal regulations. In particular you have to consider existing author and patent rights third and criminal regulations. They are among other things obligated therefore, no hurting, slanderous, insulting, threatening, people-rushing, to spread obscene or racistic expressions. In the case of permitted use of patent rights third have to maintain and consider you all existing referring to the patent rights in unchanged form. With the transmission of data/contents into the Clubland Records Community you guarantee that you hold the right for the use of contents embodied by the data. With the transmission of data/contents into the Clubland Records Community you grant the Clubland-Online-Team the right to convey these contents spatially and temporally for an unlimited period of time to different participants in the Clubland Records Community, furthermore the right to change contents to translate or to store and to publish it into other contents of the Clubland Records internet presentation - no matter which form - to integrate and to use your contents for advertising purposes.

4. The Clubland-Online-Team takes over no guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the contributions of other participants to the Clubland Records Community.

5. Each adhesion by the Clubland-Online-Team for damage, those through third in the context of the use of the Clubland Records Community, are impossible. For own errors the Clubland-Online-Team is only responsible with resolution or rough negligence of the Clubland-Online-Teams. The Clubland-Online-Team is not responsible for damage, unforeseeable events, in particular system split-ups or computer losses, which are not to be represented by the Clubland-Online-Team.

6. The Clubland-Online-Team reserves itself to control the data exchanged between the participants. The Clubland-Online-Team however is not obligated to examine the exchanged data for its regularity. In particular a non-objection of illegal participation does not mean that the Clubland-Online-Team will renounce the developing requirements.

7. Only German material right is applicable.

If one of the above regulations should be ineffective, then the validity of the remaining regulations is not affected of it. The ineffective regulation is replaced by a legal, which comes the economic sense and purpose of the ineffective regulation next.